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Polyester Coating Aluminium Composite Panel

Polyester Coating Aluminium Composite Panel

RAL 3020 Gloss Red for design
Double-sided Aluminium Composite Panels for Telephone Booths, Vehicle Bodies and Yachts
RAL 6024 Gloss light green for design
Aluminium Composite Panels for Kitchen Cabinets, Billboards, Signboards, Tunnel and Subway Interiors
RAL5002 Gloss Blue for design
Gloss Blue Aluminum Composite Panel with Thickness of 4mm, 3mm
RAL9006 Silver Gloss for design
Gloss Silver Aluminium Composite Panels with Alkali-resistant and Weather-resistant Features
RAL7016 Gloss Grey for design
Gloss Grey Aluminium Composite Panels with Acid-resistant and Alkali-resistant Feature

We are a China professional polyester aluminium composite panel manufacturer. Our polyester aluminium composite panel consists of top and bottom aluminium sheets, as well as a LDPE core. It is formed through continuous hot-pressing in one production line. The core's thickness can be designed according to customers' requirements. Our ACP is manufactured by specific width. The length can adopt wire cutting according to customers' orders. The front surface of our polyester aluminum composite panel is coated with PVDF paints. The protective film adhered on the top surface can be peeled off. The back sheet of aluminium composite panel is done by anti-corrosive aluminum surface undergoing chemical pretreatment or coated with anti-corrosive PE paints. Polyester aluminium composite panel is mainly applied to billboard, scutcheon and interior decoration.

Panel structure

Top surface: 0.5 mm ( 0.45mm; 0.4mm; 0.3mm; 0.25mm ) thick PVDF aluminium sheet.
Core layer: LDPE core of different thicknesses.
Bottom surface: 0.5 mm (0.45mm; 0.4mm; 0.3mm; 0.25mm) thick anti-corrosion PVDF aluminium sheet.

Standard specification of our supply:
Thickness: 3, 4, 6 mm
Width: 1220 mm
Special width is available according to customers' request (Max. width: 1575 mm)
Length: made to order (Max. length: 8500 mm)

1. High peel strength. We adopt USA advanced Dopont technology and raw materials to enhance the peel strength to the best condition, which has exceeded 50% of national standard. Meanwhile, the flatness of polyester aluminium composite panel is increased.
2. Impact resistance. Dopont adhesive film, the FULLSUN and JINCHAOYANG paints, Southwest aluminium alloy are adopted to manufacture Sky rainbow aluminium composite panel. Due to features of impact resistance, high tenacity and durability, our polyester aluminium composite panel can keep good shape even in wind-blown-sand' s climate.
3. Rich color and high gloss. Our company has developed a series of high gloss panels. The glossiness can achieve 95°. We also have a variety of colors for your choice, on the basis of RAL color card. Different colors of ACP can bring you new concept of decoration.
4. Light weight and easy machining. Every square meter of aluminium composite panel weighs 3.5-5.6kg. The light weight helps reduce the damage of earthquake. In addition, it is more convenient to transport and install, while reducing the construction cost.
5. Convenient maintenance. Our polyester aluminium composite panel has good self-cleaning performance. If it is used in heavy polluted area, users just need to use the neutral detergent to keep the panel in new appearance.

Payment Details:
L/C at sight

Standard Colors:

TH-118 TH-125
TH-5002 TH-5022 TH-1023
TH-3020 TH-129 TH-9006
TH-1015 TH-9016 TH-9005

How to order Polyester Coating Aluminium Composite Panel of Specific Colors?
If you want to order polyester coating aluminium composite panel of specific colors, please follow the three steps below:
1. You should provide a sample of your required color (It is better to use metal panel as the base material. Other types of panels are also available, but the accuracy of color combination is not as good as that of metal panel). If you know the serial number of paint manufacturer or international standard color number, it will be very easy for us to provide you the accurate color. You only need to provide the color number to our color professionals for confirmation.
2. The new color will be set by Tianhong experts and our paint suppliers. Under normal condition, we can provide you new samples after about one week.
3. You should send us the written confirmation after you receive the sample panel. Then, we will arrange producing according to the orders.

Tianhong Decoration Material Company is an experienced polyester coating aluminium composite panel manufacturer, providing ACPs certified by Germany DIN, Russia GOST, England BS and America ASTM standards. Due to good quality, our products have been increasingly used in many countries, such as America, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, India, etc. Besides aluminium composite panels, we also provide coated aluminium foil coil, polymer adhesive film and solid aluminium sheet. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us!

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