Control in Raw Material

Sky Rainbow has always given great attention to maintaining a high level of quality control and customer service. We have the strict environmental control system from raw materials to end products and all raw materials are supplied by well-known home and overseas suppliers. We have strict control of heavy metal' content in raw materials, and firstly adopt the latest EU standard and pass the ROSH certification to ensure the final product no harm to human body and environment.

We use the China Southwest alloy (also the supplier for China aeroplane equipment company), which is of good tensile strength and T-Bend peculiarity, perfect flatness, and has already reached the highest international standard.

We use the paints from BECKER, PPG, FULLSUN, JINCHAOYANG Company. In accordance with the HYLR5000 & KYNAR500 standard, it has best quality in pollution resistance and weather resistance. The products can keep good appearance in whatever extremely hot or frigid weather, even in heavy polluted area, just use the neutral detergent can keep the panel in new appearance.

We use the Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) core from Qilu Petrochemical (QPEC). The production way is of high-pressure process (147.17-196.2MPa), low degree of crystalline (in 45%-65%), small density (0.910-0.925), soft light, anti-impacting and anti-lower temperature properties.

The parent company Liyuan Group is the suppler of the adhesive film for production. As the first company developed these materials, Liyuan has cooperated with DuPont for more than ten years history. It is an industry leap from glue connection materials to high polymer materials.

Aluminium Composite Panel