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Technical Parameters:

Test item 0.5MM/4MM-PVDF 0.3MM/3MM-PE Reference standard
Indentation, moulage, concavo-convex shape and other defects unobvious unobvious GB/T 17748-1999
Skip coating and damage of coating None None GB/T 17748-1999
Ripple None None GB/T 17748-1999
Bubble (V/10mm) None None GB/T 17748-1999
Defect (V/3mm) None None GB/T 17748-1999
Scratch (Total length) None None GB/T 17748-1999
Bruise (Total area) None None GB/T 17748-1999
Total number of scratch and bruise 0 0 GB/T 17748-1999
Chromatism unobvious unobvious GB/T 17748-1999
Length +0.2mm~+2.1mm +0.2mm~+2.1mm GB/T 17748-1999
Width +0.1mm~+1.1mm +0.1mm~+1.1mm GB/T 17748-1999
Thickness +0.02mm~+0.04mm +0.02mm~+0.04mm GB/T 17748-1999
Diagonal line difference 1.7mm 1.7mm GB/T 17748-1999
Nonstraightness of the edge 0.15mm/m 0.15mm/m GB/T 17748-1999
Warpage 1.2mm/m 1.2mm/m GB/T 17748-1999
Thickness of coating 27μm(Average value 28μm) 16μm(Average value 16μm) GB/T 17748-1999
Deviation of glossiness 0.8(Glossiness 33.7) 1.7(Glossiness 32.1) GB/T 17748-1999
Pencil hardness 3H -  GB/T 17748-1999
Flexibility of coating 2T 2T GB/T 17748-1999
Adhesive force cross cut test 0 level scratch test 1 level cross cut test 0 level scratch test 1 level GB/T 17748-1999
Shock resistance 50kg·cm no paint falling off, crackless 50kg·cm no paint falling off, crackless GB/T 17748-1999
Abrasion resistance ≥17.7L/μm -  GB/T 17748-1999
Boiling water resistance Unchangeable Unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Dirt resistance 2.00% -  GB/T 17748-1999
Acid resistance Unchangeable Unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Alkali resistance Unchangeable Unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Oil resistance Unchangeable Unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Solvent resistance Unchangeable Unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Washability ≥10000 times unchangeable ≥10000times unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Surface density 5.54kg/㎡ 3.5kg/㎡ GB/T 17748-1999
Bending strength 121MPa 82.3MPa GB/T 17748-1999
Elasticity bending modulus 3.2×104MPa 2.3×104MPa GB/T 17748-1999
Nail-head pull through 10.1KN 5.3KN GB/T 17748-1999
Shear strength 32.0MPa 23.1MPa GB/T 17748-1999
180° Peel strength 12.63N/mm 6.7N/mm GB/T 17748-1999
Temperature resistance Unchangeable Unchangeable GB/T 17748-1999
Coefficient of thermal expansion 8.9×10-5℃-1 1.05×10-5℃-1 GB/T 17748-1999
Distortion temperature 105.1℃ 99℃ GB/T 17748-1999
Salt frog resistance 1 level - GB/T 17748-1999
Chromatism 1.13 -  GB/T 17748-1999
Level of dulling 0 level - GB/T 17748-1999
Other aging properties 0 level - GB/T 17748-1999

How to process and install Aluminium Composite Panel?

Saw cutting:
Fretsaw: Ladder-type/plate saw plate saw teeth are inclined at 45°
Diameter of saw plate: 300mm.
Teeth number: 72 teeth type is used to cut 5 sheets. Leuco Ref: 188389
96 teeth type is used to cut gross edge. Leuco Ref: 188390
Diameter of saw plate: 250mm.
Teeth number: 60 teeth type is used to cut 5 sheets. Leuco Ref: 188939
80 teeth type is used to cut gross edge. Leuco Ref: 188940
Thickness of teeth: 3.2mm
Relief angle: 15°
Rake angle: +10°
V type open-tank process:
If the back side of aluminium composite panel needs to be processed as a V type tank, it is easily formed by using general router. Cutting speed: 3000—5000 m/min Feeding speed: 25-30 m/min
U type open-tank process:
Cutting machine with guide plate can be adopted to opening tank. After the V type tank of aluminium composite panel finished, it will be very convenient to use.
Users can use some common equipment to rivet and fasten aluminium composite panel. If ACP is used outer door, heat seal should be taken into consideration. Self-plugging rivet can connect it only from one direction.
If the aluminium composite panel is processed on the operation platform, the bending part can be made orderly. Flat punch, press brake and bending mould are suitable for bending. We recommend the bending temperature higher than 10℃.
Considered from deformation limit, formula e≥2D is the best calculation method about the distance between D and e.
Use press brake to process aluminium composite panel:
If users adopt press brake to process aluminium composite panel, the calculation formula of Min. inside radius is: r=15xt (t means the thickness of sheet).
If aluminium composite panel is processed by three roller plate bender:
Compared with press brake, three rollers plate bender is suitable for bending of larger inner diameter.
Drilling hole:
It is easy to drill holes on ACP. We recommend drilling machines specially designed for drilling holes on aluminium and plastic materials. By the way, the drilling machine should have the function of orientational drilling, if it is used to drill a bigger hole. Cutting angle: 100°--- 400° helical angle: 30°---50° Cutting speed: 50—300 m/min Feeding speed: 0.02--- 0.5 mm/rotate speed Drill size: width of screw thread +2mm

How to clean and maintain PVDF paint?
PVDF paint coated on the surface of aluminium composite panel needs to be cleaned and maintained professionally. This not only helps maintain the clean surface of building wall, but also removes the smear which may corrode the paint. Therefore, PVDF paint can maintain its quality for a long time.
The cleaning cycle depends on the environment condition and degree of contamination. We suggest that outer wall should be cleaned at least once a year. The inner wall can be cleaned according to the degree of contamination.
Wall cleaning should be conducted manually or by come suitable cleaning equipment, from top to bottom. Please don't use any corrosive materials to rub the surface.
1. First, you should use a large amount of clear water to wash the surface of panel;
2. Use soft cloth to rub the surface of panel. Soft cloth should be soaked with water-detergent solution;
3. Wash away the dirt on the panel;
4. Check the surface of the panel. To those places still unclear, you can use detergent to clean it again.
5. Wash the panel until no detergent is left on the surface.
Don't wash the panel when the temperature is higher than 40 °C. If the water is volatilized too quickly, it is harmful to PVDF paint.
Please pay special attention that you should choose Neutral Detergent to clean the panel. Please don't use strong alkali detergent, such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate; strong acid detergent, abrasive detergent or paint resolvable detergent.
Before you wash large-area surface, you had better do a test on a small piece to make sure it is safe.
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